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No Trading Fees*

*All spot trades incur no trading fees. Only takers pay gas fees.

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*A Vegan, Gluten-Free DEX
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About Our Trading Platform

Decentralized Crypto Trading Platform

In the ever-evolving landscape of DeFi, Evo Exchange emerges as a groundbreaking player, transcending the conventional boundaries of decentralized exchanges.

Evo Exchange is not just another decentralized trading platform; it represents a paradigm shift in the way users engage with digital assets. By combining the efficiency of a central limit orderbook with the security of blockchain technology, Evo Exchange introduces a novel architecture that redefines the possibilities of decentralized trading.

How To Start
How it works
Connect Wallet via zkEVM
Make sure you have the Polygon zkEVM network on your wallet. If you need help adding it, click here to learn how.
Deposit Funds
Deposit any token you would like to trade into our DEX smart contract. Once there you can trade them fee and hassle free!
Trade and Earn
Place limit, market, spot, margin, or short orders and trades easily on our exchange. Just like on a CEX! You also earn a funding rate from any deposits held on the exchange!
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Our Whitepaper

Read Our Whitepaper

Discover the functionality of Evo Exchange, which employs an off-chain orderbook and matching engine, along with oracles and on-chain execution. This unique combination enables the platform to offer market and limit orders, margin trading, decentralized funding, spot asset shorting, and commission-free trades!

About Our Token
Our Token Info
EVOX, Evo Exchange’s token is a governance, utility, and profit share token! You can read all about it on our whitepaper!
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Polygon zkEVM ERC20
Total Supply
1,000,000,000 Tokens
Profit Share
Exchange profits distributed
Governance Rights
Control Evo Exchange
*Subject to change before Token Generation Event
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